APRTake Your Career to the Next Level by
Earning your Accreditation in Public Relations

What is the APR (Accredited in Public Relations)?
Earning your Accredited in Public Relations (APR) designation proves that you have successfully demonstrated competency in the knowledge, skills and abilities required to practice public relations effectively in today’s business arena. The process consists of a Readiness Review and a computer-based written exam. Learn more on earning an APR here:

Who May Pursue the APR?
Any PRSA member in good standing may take on the challenge of earning Accreditation. However, it is recommended that candidates have at least five years’ experience in the full-time practice or teaching of public relations and who have earned either a bachelor’s degree in a communication-specific field (e.g., public relations, journalism, mass communication) or have equivalent work experience, which includes public relations principles, public relations writing, public relations campaigns, research, ethics and law and internship (practical experience under supervision).

Get Started Today!

Step One: Complete the APR Application and submit it to the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB) with the exam/application fee. UAB will inform your local APR Chair that you are eligible for your Readiness Review. The exam fee is $385 for PRSA members, and $110 will be refunded to PRSA members upon completion of the exam. Allow at least one month for processing. Your PRSA membership must be active to qualify for application.

Step Two: Sign up for the annual OCPRSA APR Class, a series of study sessions geared toward preparing you for the Readiness Review and written exam, and receive a PRSA study guide. The class prepares mid- to senior-level practitioners for the accreditation process, from the initial Readiness Review to the computer-based exam. It will include a mock Readiness Review and will provide a structured process to learn the material and study with other aspiring candidates. The class costs $250, with a $100 rebate upon completion/passing of the Readiness Review oral exam.

Step Three: Join the OCPRSA APR Candidate Interest Group on to network with other aspiring candidates and stay connected with additional online resources.  Click here to join the group!

Step Four: Consider taking the APR Online Study Session, which PRSA offers year-round. The cost is $195 for PRSA members for a one-year subscription to the course. For more information, visit:


David Cordero, APR
Orange County PRSA APR Chair

Kathy Mulvihill
National PRSA Accreditation Manager