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Building Your Personal Brand: Cultivating a Persona that Opens Doors

Written by YoPro Committee Members: Matt Nixon of Think Together and Samantha Wilson of Powerhouse Communications

The YoPRo Committee was proud to host a program titled “Building Your Personal Brand: Cultivating a Persona that Opens Doors,” giving attendees the opportunity to hear valuable tips and strategies from a talented lineup of branding experts. Whether it’s landing a great job, securing a promotion or beating out competitors in a new business pitch, investing in your personal brand can give you the edge you need!

The event, which took place at Gigasavvy Headquarters in Irvine, featured a diverse group of panelists, each with a unique spin on how honing their personal brand has helped them succeed: Sven Johnston, Founding Partner at Gigasavvy, Robyn Young, Branding Specialist at Robyn Young & Co., and Eric Morley, President at Blue C. The event was moderated by Kristin Daher, President & Chief Storyteller of Powerhouse Communications.

Key Takeaways:

Tell your story – Building your personal brand is all about embracing and sharing your unique story – even the hard parts. Your differences can be your greatest strengths. “Your experiences are what make you interesting,” said Young, who dabbled in a wide range of industries, including a stint as a stylist, before starting her own branding company. “Find something relevant about every single experience or season of your life.”

Find Your Niche – We can’t all be good everything, but we are all good at something. “Own whatever you are passionate about,” advised Johnson, who recommended that professionals find a specific field that’s exciting to them and become experts in it. Home in on a specialization, and don’t be afraid to say no to things that aren’t you.

Build trust – From the moment you enter the workforce, people are watching the way you handle yourself. All three professionals agreed that acting with integrity and reliability have been key elements in shaping their personal brands. “Your reputation becomes your resume,” said Young, and Morley added, “99% of building your brand is showing up.”

Own Your Space – As you become an expert in your field, share your knowledge with your network. “You’re never to young or inexperienced to be a thought leader,” said Morley. Find an article or write your own piece to share on LinkedIn, and grow your knowledge base and visibility by connecting with other thought leaders who are in your same field.

Build Your Network – Every new connection is an opportunity to build your personal brand. Be approachable, ask questions and make the extra effort to stay in touch with people. “Surround yourself with people who inspire you,” urged Johnston.

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