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Event Recap: Turning Data into Actionable Information

Did you miss the OCPRSA program, Turning Data into Actionable information? This program presented by John Novaria, former journalist turned Principal of Novaria Communication, is filled with valuable information on how to leverage data to tell stories that generate media interest, communicate effectively, raise consumer awareness of critical issues along with overcoming challenges of social […]

Going Beyond the Data: Demonstrating Value through Public Relations Measurement

By Carly Owens I love data and numbers. That’s not normally a declaration you hear public relations professionals make, but because I’ve seen what a powerful tool data can be for our profession, I will shout it from the rooftops. Data fuels public relations measurement, which can sometimes be an afterthought in our industry, but […]

OCPRSA Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Each year from September 15 to October 15, we take time to recognize the contributions, legacy and influence of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the culture and achievements of the United States.  Hispanic Heritage Month was originally proclaimed in September 1968 – lasting only one week – during the tenure of President Lyndon B. Johnson. […]

OCPRSA Steps Up: Community Service in Education

As Orange County heads back to school, nonprofits throughout the region are stepping up to help students and parents in creative and collaborative ways. In our new series, OCPRSA Steps Up, the OCPRSA Community Service committee highlights how local nonprofit organizations are stepping up in big ways. This fall’s column features nonprofits assisting our community […]

OCPRSA Member Spotlight: Annie Sullivan, Kristin Daher, Janelle Kruly, Cathi Douglas & Christie and Ted Nguyen

OCPRSA continues to be amazed at the accomplishments of its 300+ members. To honor our members’ achievements, we recently launched an “OCPRSA Member Spotlight” section in our weekly INBOX newsletter. The new feature highlights news about OCPRSA members’ career growth, updates about OC PR agencies, local company news, and more. Below are the Spotlight Stars […]

Senior Leadership Roundtable: Leading During a Pandemic

It’s not unusual for communications professionals to work remotely. But the coronavirus pandemic has made for exceptional and unusual circumstances. Leading a team can have its challenges even without a health crisis, but with one – it’s not just about the work or the deadlines. IMW President Chris Bretschger shares how he and his agency […]

Wash Your Hands and Be Kind to Strangers

Wash your hands and be kind to strangers, advice we may have dismissed as standard practice before the coronavirus (COVID-19) reared its ugly head. But is it? By now, we are all aware that we need to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds. The World Health Organization (WHO) published a video with almost […]

OCPRSA Best Practices for COVID-19 (coronavirus) Communications

By the time you’re halfway through this blog post, we expect the COVID-19 situation will have evolved. This pandemic is certainly pulling all the levers in communication pros’ repertoire. Whether you’re just starting your career or a seasoned pro, sharing best practices can keep us sharp and innovative. Here are a few we hope you […]