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Digital, Live Streaming and Big Data at OCPRSA’s Digital Media Summit

By Sara Peary

As the old adage goes, “the only thing certain is change.” Our lives and the public relations profession are evidence of that. Digital, data and technology has changed just about everything. From the way we plan our days to the way we plan, execute and track our campaigns –public relations has a lot to leverage when it comes to digital media.

This year OC Public Relations Society of America hosted our first Digital Media Summit, held at Experian’s Southern California Headquarters with speakers from sponsors Rhythm and Experian. The half day summit packed with over 60 digital and PR professionals and shared trends and tactics for experts and beginners across the industry. The summit covered the value of Measuring Success of PR through big data, relationships of PR in integrated marketing, and leveraging paid, owned earned and shared media.

Here are a few key takeaways:

•    Data is Your Friend: Metrics matter, and with big data and social measurement – machine learning is key. Don’t forget to “Pause”, leading companies use social listening practices such as Taco Bell’s “Fishbowl,” where staff listens to social conversations on their brand and their competitors in order to adapt and learn from the reactions of audiences.

◦    “Data is empowering the PR industry to refine content, extend reach and prove value.” Scott Anderson, Senior Director of Public Relations at Experian.

•    Social is the Hero, but Content Marketing is Gold: PR professionals have that journalistic talent that allows for storytelling coupled with photography and video,  which is what makes content marketing possible. Instead of focusing on pitching a story and moving on, consider how to cross pollinate channels and repurpose content via content marketing techniques to maximize the time spent on creating content. “This is a great way for PR professionals to capture ongoing work from clients.” Craig Cooke, CEO of Rhythm

•    Massive Digital Distribution Wins Print: Digital distribution has taken over the struggling publishing world – companies like Forbes derive 72% of their revenue from digital. The publishers that will succeed are those that adapt to digital, so value digital greatly.

•    Micro-Moments Are Critical to Address: Consider how to fulfill customers’ instant needs and wants – answer the actions for “I want to go, know, do, buy…” Make it easy and accessible for those who will only do it in the moment.

Micro-Moments Graphics

•    PR is Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned

PR is Paid Graphic

•    Live Streaming Video: Live Video works across campaigns, and is more effective than recorded video posts. “It can be used for Product Launches –  such as the influencer campaign by SanDisk, Answer sessions – such as those by Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Tutorials such as those by Adobe who bring out their designers to introduce a new tool to improve their product immediately, Thought Leadership – like that of Experian with live chats on YouTube Live leading questions on data conversations and Interviews – once your video is done, download it and upload it to other platforms.“ Michael Delgado, Director of Social Media & Community Engagement at Experian North America

◦    Export videos afterwards for podcasts, transcribe them for blog posts, and share them in social.

◦    Consistency is key – always stream on same time, build up an audience. Error on the side of personable – not perfect and polished.

◦    Tools: Get the right gear

Gear Graphic 1

Graphic Gear 2

◦    “Online video is projected to make up 76% of web traffic by 2018” (Cisco Forecast 2016)

•    Measuring Success: “Use individual Social Platform tracking and monitoring services to get into the granular effectiveness of campaigns.” Shaun Parvin, Director of Strategy at Rhythm

Digital has forever changed the field of Public Relations and ultimately how all organizational teams work together to share stories, educate and engage with audiences. Now more than ever, teams need to integrate to share insights, content and creative to be proactive in nature and deliver a better audience experience.

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