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PR Trends: Storytelling Strategy in the Digital Age

PR Trends 2019

Video and social media aren’t just tactics, but key pillars for public relations in the digital age, according to panelists at a recent workshop organized by the Orange County chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and sponsored by Taylor Digital. Big budgets can help but strategic execution and testing are where PR professionals should focus their storytelling efforts.

Panelists included:

  • Michael Delgado, Director of Social Media for Experian and Host of the DataTalk podcast
  • Ben Ellenbecker, Director of Digital and Social Media, Idea Hall
  • Tanya Salcido, Digital Strategy Consultant & Co-Founder of #LatinaGeeks
  • Teri Sawyer, Chief Visibility Officer, T&Co. Branding, Marketing & PR Agency

OC PRSA’s Immediate Past President Dan Nasitka, who is also the Principal Rocketeer for Rocket Science Marketing + Public Relations moderated the discussion.

The key takeaways:

Video leverages emotion to engage – through “love stories” for brands, testimonials, celebrity/influencer interaction, service/product launches and virtual experiences.

Repurpose video content to create new content. Edit full-length videos to make shareable short-versions or ads. Transcribe them and create text content (blogs, articles, etc). Use the audio for a podcast. Repackage evergreen content by highlighting different points/angles.

Take advantage of social media tools – free and paid. Live capabilities enable you to control the message, give a sense of urgency, and engage in real time with interested parties – including trolls (who bring in more authenticity, according to Delgado.) Boosting and paid ads can expand targets.

Curate content. Solicit contributors internally. Take advantage of posts by others to expand your brand, mission, values, etc.

Let analytics, metrics and measurements guide you. This tells you what’s working, with whom, and when. It also tells you where you don’t need to spend your time and resources.

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