Diversity Testimonials

Making the Case for Diversity

While it’s still about growing a more diverse membership, it’s now about what are we doing once we’ve attracted the diverse professional — what are we doing to include them in all that we do in membership?”

Mickey G. Nall, APR, Fellow PRSA, Chair and CEO of PRSA, PR Tactics, January 2013

PR extends across the entire world, incorporating varying nationalities, generations, religions, political beliefs, and everything that makes us human. Diversity in PR shows that this industry can adapt and morph with the times, while continuing to strive to understand and respect all people.”

—Nevada Carney, PRSSA student, California State University, Fullerton

Diversity is an often coined, yet little understood term. For our businesses, I believe it means we must embrace a culture of inclusion to best serve an increasingly changing customer base. How would we know what clients want without understanding the cultural nuances and preferences of these very communities? Companies willing to diversify their work force or seek multicultural partnerships will be the firms that grow and thrive in the future.”

—Rachanee Srisavasdi, Senior Manager, Media, GolinHarris

Diversity enriches our perspective, improves our ability to support the organizations we serve and society, strengthens our businesses in a competitive global environment and allows us to better reflect and serve a diverse population.

—Joseph Cohen, APR, 2014 Chair of PRSA
PRSAY article: Resolution For 2014: “Walk The Talk” When It Comes To Diversity

Diversity is a strength in this country.

—Paul Taylor, Executive VP Pew Research Center, Author of The Next America